Getting around in Malacca

Malacca is a big city, but exploring it on foot is a different experience in all. Another way to explore the city is on bike. Exploring the city by car can become troublesome during peak hours. As the roads are narrow, they easily become clogged with traffic during peak rush hours. Malacca runs a bus service which is not really dependable. 

Malacca is by no means a small city, but exploring on foot is a good idea. You could rent a bike. Be mindful not to hold up traffic while taking pictures of buildings! The locals have generally good driving sense and adhere to traffic laws.

By bus

    * Malacca Town Bus No 17 (green bus): Melaka Sentral Terminal to the historic core, Mahkota Parade, Melaka Raya and the Portuguese Settlement. The fare from Mahkota Parade to Melaka Sentral is RM 1.50. The last bus from Melaka Sentral leaves at 830 pm, after which you would have to take a taxi which costs 20 RM to Mahkota Parade. Bus 8 goes from Melaka Sentral to Town Square for RM 1.00.
    * Malacca Town Bus No 18: Melaka Sentral Terminal to Tengkera and onwards to Pokok Mangga
    * Malacca Town Bus No 19: Melaka Sentral Terminal to Ayer Keroh (Melaka Zoo and Taman Asean/Malaysia). The fare from Melaka Sentral to Ayer Keroh (Melaka Zoo and Taman Asean/Malaysia) is around RM 3
    * Malacca Town Bus No. 50: Melaka Sentral Terminal to the Mahkota Parade shopping centre and nearby seafood restaurants
    * Kenderaan Aziz (red and white): Buses from Melaka Sentral to Muar via Padang Temu also go past the historic core, Mahkota Parade and Melaka Raya
    * Panorama Melaka (red and blue) [7]: This hop-on-hop-off bus brings tourists to the attractions in town for a flat fee of RM5/day (red bus) and RM2/day (blue bus). Among its fleet are 2 double-decker buses, one with an open top. The bus service runs at 10 minute intervals from 7AM - 12PM.

By taxi
Metered Taxis are just about everywhere. Chartered taxis on Jalan Kee Ann also travel within the city and should not cost more than RM15 per ride. Taxi Drivers are quite tourist friendly though not all taxi drivers will speak English. A few taxi drivers also maintain their business cards for more business from tourists.

By monorail
A 1.6-km monorail system was opened with much fanfare in October 2010, but it was plagued with problems and promptly taken out of service. As of December 2010, the monorail is not operational and its planned extension is in doubt.

By car
Streets in the older/historical part of the city are very narrow, so they quickly become clogged during rush hours.

Trishaws, complete with blaring pop music and fake flowers are available as well for short trips between tourist spots or circular tours. The drivers are very cheerful and friendly. The going rate is RM 40 per hour, but settle any price in advance.
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