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Porta de Santiago

During the age of Dutch occupation in Melaka, the Porta de Santiago was not only renamed to VOC, but reconstructed to bear the coat of arms of the Dutch East India Company as well. Until today, the company crest is still significantly seen on the gateway. Practically all the visitors coming to Melaka will schedule a visit to the Porta de Santiago.

This gateway is such a significant symbol in Melaka that your traveling trip to Melaka is never considered worthy without complemented with a visit to Porta de Santiago. After all, Porta de Santiago has accompanied the historic Melaka throughout its glorious days, to the time when the Sultanate cosmopolitan empire faded its status, following up by foreign colonization in Malaya, till today that Melaka has been part of the independent nation Malaysia for tens of years.

The Porta de Santiago is situated at the foot of St. Pauls Hill of Bandar Hilir, and directly facing the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.
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