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Melaka is situated within three degrees latitude of the equator. Temperature highs can easily reach 33°C.

While the seasons oscillate between wet and dry, the heat here is static year round. The primary source of relief is the rain; during the wet season temperatures can fall to 25°C. Those who aren’t accustomed to high temperatures should seek shelter from the midday sun until the cooling evening breezes arrive.

The wettest months in Melaka are from September to October. However, while there’s a clean demarcation between the wet and dry seasons across the peninsula, weather patterns in Melaka aren’t extreme. The wet season is when rain is more likely to fall, though the rains are not of a monsoon calibre. A year long average of 82 per cent humidity means any time is prime time for a shower.

The stable weather patterns in Melaka make any time of year a good time to visit. Some services on the east coast of the peninsula shut down during the rainy season, which may affect your plans to tour the country. Burning in Indonesia feeds a notorious haze that hangs over the Melaka region during September and October, a nuisance that many travellers avoid.
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